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Josh Marshall has an insightful piece up at TPM about the semantics of the bank bailout:

It’s not clear to me why the dollar amounts spent would really be different in the various permutations. It’s all a question of who owns what when it’s all said and done and who runs the institutions. According to a brief aside in yesterday’s article in the Post, both Geithner and Summers are against having the government run the banks for a transitional period and against wiping out the shareholders of the banks that are in fact insolvent.

What that sounds like is that we’ll nationalize most of the banks because we have no choice. But we’ll allow the current management to run the nationalized banks and the current shareholders to own the nationalized banks.

If Not Now, When?

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Josh Marshall nails it.

Real change almost always comes in the face of crisis. So if you believe that Global Warming is real and that sometime soon will have to be confronted in a big way … and if you believe that our reliance on oil is not only an environmental threat but a threat to our economic security and national security as well … and if you believe that we need to start manufacturing things that people in other countries want to buy, when else do you expect real change to come on these issues — a real start on the big changes — if not now?


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Over at TMP Josh Marshall will often post one sentence “Deep Thoughts” – just simple undeveloped musings. I’m going to do something similar here at theWheel.

I need a catch phrase…

Perhaps something incorporating Edward DeBono’s “Po”.

UDATE – Po how about “Torque”?

Unfit For High Office

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Here’s what it looks like when Josh Marshall nails it.

Talking Points Memo

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Here’s an article about my favorite news and politics site. Do yourself a favor and link up daily.

This one’s the real deal…

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