This Is the Future…

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Check this out. This is the Future…

Here’s a link to more video from TPM. Follow TPM’s link to more background.

Water on Mars Should be Salty

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Water on Mars surface today?

Red Mars

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Have you read Red Mars?


(Illustration by Don Dixon)

“So it’s democracy verses capitalism at this point, friends, and we out on this frontier outpost of the human world are perhaps better positioned than anyone else to see this and to fight this global battle…

So says John Boone, the first man to visit Mars, to a convention of settlers on the summit lip of Olympus Mons sometime in the late 21st century.  Democracy verses Capitalism – oh yes…

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Water Ice on Mars

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Good news. Apparently there is new evidence of lots of water ice on Mars. If humanity can hold on for a few more years on Earth, looks like we could get ourselves a spare planet, just in case…


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Good Mars info from Wired.

Mars Pictures

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Grrreat Mars Pictures…

Water on Mars…?

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