What’s That About the Moon?

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I am swamped these days, and not actively posting to theWheel, but I have to leave a note about this experiment.  Per many previous posts (like this one), I hope and expect we will be getting a few surprises as the data starts rolling in.  Listen to the Moon.



John Archibald Wheeler dead at 96.

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John Wheeler has died at the age of 96.

Wheeler was the real deal. He was searching for the Truth, and he followed where it led. His Classic Delayed Choice Experiment has had me scratching my head for the last ten years… » Read the rest of this entry «

Listen to the Moon

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Listen to the Moon

Would you like to see something totally outrageous? The disc of the Moon, as seen from the Earth, is exactly the same size as the disc of the Sun as seen from the Earth. We don’t know why this is so. » Read the rest of this entry «

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