A Little Taste

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Here’s a little taste of General Chaos and the Natural Order recorded at Oz’s on 12/06/07 (two Thursdays ago):


Jeff Kupperman – violin

Ross Strayer – traps

Tim Twiss – guitar

Steve Osburn – stick

Dan Bilich – trumpet, keys

Jump the Spark

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General Chaos and the Natural Order has never been a “band” in any conventional sense. It was and remains more or less a non-binding protocol for a certain type of improvisational musical encounter in which train wrecks are always infinitely preferable to ruts, and a good time is had by all.

I suppose the one irreducible crucial factor from my point of view is the presence of Steve Osburn. I don’t know that I’m essential – I suppose that’s up to Oz. Tim Twiss has often been a factor.

These sessions have usually, but not always, happened in Oz’s Music Environment. Such was the case a few Thursdays ago on the night of October 11, 2007, when Oz and Dave Mason and I, along with some drum grooves from my computer, convened for a General Chaos session. (Somehow one does not tend to think of them as “Natural Order” sessions.)

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The Music Environment at Oz’s

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Here are a few pictures of Oz’s Music Environment, on Packard road here in Ann Arbor, about a mile from my house.




Oz’s is in a great old building, and the room itself has an odd asymmetrical shape, like a pie wedge with two flat ends, which make the acoustics really great. Furthermore, over the last three years, since this space, which used to be a vacuum cleaner store, became incorporated into Oz’s orbit, I’ve had a number of really wonderful musical experiences here.

Here is Songcatchers improvising on “I Guess I’d Better Jump”. Here is an instrumental jam. Here is the Lunar Glee Club inventing the Groucho Walk.

Playing music is not unlike having a séance, and Oz’s Music Environment is a place where music happens. The ghosts show up and the table shakes.

So, Oz just got back from an island up in Lake Superior and we’re talking about instituting some kind of regular musical occurrences in this very cool, richly ghosted space.

What should we do? How often? Private? Public? Sometimes private, sometimes public?

Later….I just got back from talking to Oz until about 3 AM. I’ll be doing some more sessions over there. More on this later.

The Groucho Walk

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How about the Groucho Walk?

Let me set the scene. This unforgettable event happened on June 16th 2005 at Oz’s Music here in Ann Arbor. Steve Hiltner was in town from New Jersey and the 1980s Lunar Glee Club Horn Section was all in the same room for the first time in many years.

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