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“I just sing – what comes out of me is what comes out of me. It’s not planned or nothing. I take a song I like and I put myself into it.” Ray Charles

Let Yourself Become What You Think You Want To Be

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I recently bought a couple of books from Alibris. If I’m going to have to pay shipping on one book anyway, I generally look to see if the store I’m buying from has anything else on hand that would be good to have.

In this way I came to have in my hands a book called Song, which is a collection of interviews from American Songwriter Magazine. Most of the interviews proved to be only of marginal interest to me, but there were several good ones – including Randy Newman, Dolly Parton, Smokey Robinson, John Prine, Ricky Lee Jones – and Ray Charles» Read the rest of this entry «


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It’s interesting how levels of meaning pile up until all of a sudden – bam – the last level arrives and finally I get it.

There’s this guy who rides the bus. I see him 3 or 4 times a week. He gets on – sometimes he’s running late. Middle of winter in the dark and snow at 6:45 AM going to work to bag groceries… » Read the rest of this entry «

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