We Need To Go Far Quickly

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Clean Coal and Joe Camel – peas in a pod…


I have a link here to Al Gore’s most recent (Filmed February 2009) TED talk.  Please please please have a look.  We need to go far quickly.

Presenting the Orb

December 30th, 2008 § 0 comments § permalink


Nick Sears’ demos the Orb in his TED talk.

Al Gore’s New TED Talk

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This very recent talk at TED by Al Gore concerning the latest developments in the Climate Crisis is a must see. Our danger is acute, the situation is urgent, and Al Gore is at his very best here.


It’ll take about 27 minutes to watch the whole thing, but at least watch the first little bit. You’ll find time for the rest. (Click on the little TV icon in the upper right hand corner of the AudioDesk media player to go into full screen.)

Please watch, and share this link.

UPDATE: Per Gore’s statement, late in the talk, that we should go forward into this generational challenge with Joy, thankful that we are the generation that has been given an opportunity to do something truly momentous, worthy of the best in humanity, I am reminded of the theme of one of my songs, Rising Blue.

Free Culture

November 14th, 2007 § 0 comments § permalink


Larry Lessig has his TED talk up.

Don’t miss it.

I’m a huge Lessig fan – his book Free Culture is a must-read.

Oh – and watch out for buses…

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