Chewing the Shoe

by dnb

I have a vision of what this medium – theWheel – can become. Here’s what I intend to do.

One of the limitations of the online world is our lack of physical intimacy and physical proximity online. As a musician, this is a really big deal. Much of what is special and noteworthy about music is tied up with music’s ability to unite disparate human beings within the same physical wave front – the same NOW.

Online we have a different kind of NOW. Here we can act as though we were not all embedded within the same physical wave front, and although this disconnection enables us to interact sequentially in ways both valuable and not otherwise possible, we miss the intimacy and the physicality of personal interaction.

While we remain online, our collective musicality is hamstrung by our asynchronicity.

However, there are things that can be accomplished online that are otherwise impossible. The coolest thing I’ve seen is how a community, connected to each other via the internet, has the potential to function as a massive and amazingly powerful parallel processing computer, with human hearts and brains empowered as the independent parallel nodes.

I would like to set such a community into motion, chewing on our world like a parallel processing dog worrying an old shoe. I believe that the eventual distillate of this process will be incredibly rich seed material for real live musicians and songwriters to develop and explore.

Authors will post Pods to theWheel. The community will “chew the shoe”, resonating with and amplifying the Pod’s passionate essence.

Then I will take this resonant distillate and transplant it into the fertile live social space of theWheel here on the ground in Ann Arbor.

And theWheel will turn.

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