Musician’s Circle

by dnb

This next is a dream I had on 5.24.89.

“It is dark outdoors. There is a circle of musicians and groups of musicians from all genres of music and parts of society – classical, gospel, country, hip hop, rock, jazz, folk, various world and ethnic musics, – you name it – gathered around a large oval or circular or rectangular hole in the ground (200’ X 80’? – I couldn’t see precisely how big).

Everybody’s musicality is shining into the center of the circle and deriving energy from the circle. People are not actually playing music, but it is a very musical situation – a powerful affirmation of a positive relationship between good people who are musicians partaking in the same source of energy.”


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  • […] Today the answer to this question is evidently yes. However, in the long run I believe theWheel is much bigger than I, and if it is successfully realized I will become less and less central until finally I take my place alongside everyone else on the periphery of a circle. […]

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