Politics and theWheel

by db

Lest there be any doubt about where I personally am coming from politically here at this most political of times in the United States of America, let it be known that I consider myself to be a Progressive Democrat, alligned with Al Gore.

Although theWheel is much much bigger than just Politics, Politics will of course quite properly come into play from time to time insofar as theWheel concerns itself with “Power To Change the World and Make This World A Better Place.”

However, theWheel is not a “political blog”.

What is theWheel?

theWheel is a place to paint the Big Picture.

theWheel is a cultural engine.

theWheel is a place to frame and reframe and unframe Reality.

theWheel is a Reality-based community that strives for expansive and open-minded views of Reality.

Let theWheel turn.

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