The Lorenz Attractor

As I have pushed forward with theWheel, I have found myself drawn to a powerful metaphor for what theWheel could come to be – the Lorenz Attractor.

Click here to see and hear the Lorenz Attractor.

Now, let me show you a video –

and then share a link to James Gliek’s wonderful and always readable book, Chaos.

Here’s another video, this time of the Lorenzian Water Wheel:

As I watch the waterwheel turn, I see the water as our Posts flowing onto and through theWheel. The turning waterwheel is the community, and the waterwheel’s motion is the Chaotic yet deeply ordered motion of the community under the influence of the incoming Pods.

I’m not yet sure what the Lorenz equations are. Maybe the variables are simply what the site administrator had for breakfast that day, making him more or less likely to write one or another Post…

Oh, why not one more video….

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