What is a Pod?

I would like to use the word “Pod” to refer to a Post to theWheel.  The terms can be used interchangeably.  One posts a Pod to theWheel.

A “Pod” is a passionate packet of information offered as fertile and provocative grist for theWheel.  Think “Seed Pods”.  Members theWheel community will post these Seed Pods to theWheel.

Pods will consist of text, audio, video, images, scores, equations, poems, essays, songs, stories – whatever it takes to communicate effectively to the community concerning something that the poster feels passionate about.

The community responds to the Pod, again with text comments, links, audio, etc. – providing the original poster’s passion with both a social context and resonant feedback.

theWheel must always remain open to the possibility of something wonderful and unexpected emerging from this potentially fertile nonlinear dynamic.

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