What is theWheel?

What is theWheel?  A work in progress…

theWheel is a place to paint the Big Picture.  Or the little picture.

theWheel is a place to Share Good Stuff.

theWheel is a community-based cultural engine.

theWheel is a place to frame and reframe and unframe Reality.

theWheel is a Reality-based community that strives for expansive and open-minded views of Reality.

Let theWheel turn.

When I started theWheel in April of 2006, I had many thoughts about what it might become, and published several pages addressing theWheel’s roots and potentials. Here at the beginning of 2011 (and now again in January 2016) I’m revisiting and refining my intentions concerning theWheel, and will be publishing various updates in these pages. However, I do want to preserve access to those first impulses. Here are some links:

The Lorenz Attractor

A Thousand Voices

Chewing the Shoe

Musician’s Circle

Politics and theWheel

theWheel – theSong


What is theWheel?  Here’s what I wrote about it in 2006.


enhance, distill, refine,
amplify, develop, extract, resonate, propagate,
distribute, share, improve, provocative, passionate, fertile, good stuff,
joyful, humorous, progressive, memes,
vibrations, ideas

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